Ground anchors

Ground anchors

18. June 2020 Off By Peter

What good is the most beautiful winch if there is nothing far and wide to attach it. In this case the ground anchor can help. It is available in different versions. The variant we offer has the advantage that it can be stowed in the vehicle to save space.

And this is how it works: Insert the tension strut like the style of a rake into the ground anchor, fix the carabiners with rope and insert the extremely pointed ends of the anchor slightly diagonally into the ground. If the ground is extremely hard, you have to do this in pairs. One person stands on the anchor, the other operates the winch. The anchor is then pulled into the ground by itself.

When salvaging, make sure that under no circumstances the ground anchor is pulled out of the ground. Uncontrolled flying parts can cause great damage. For safety reasons it is therefore recommended to have a second person continuously observe the anchor from a safe distance during the winching process.


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