Offroad Trips

Come along and experience exciting moments with your Land Rover!

Of course you can also take part in our off-road trips and events with another make of car. However, we always try to strengthen the community of Land Rover drivers, especially the drivers of Discovery 3 and 4, Defender 2 or Range Rover models (e.g. RRS).

And this is exactly our intention. There are many off-road trips and events, but often you will find many vehicles other than Land Rover or just the old Defender. And yet the newer Land Rovers are the absolutely superior travel, everyday and off-road vehicles in general.

Already at our first Discovery Meeting 2011 near Saverne we managed to have about 35 vehicles, LR3 and LR4, on site on two days. A picture that even the operator of the site had never seen before! So many new, high-quality off-road vehicles at once…in the mud…