Snorkel – when to use?

Snorkel – when to use?

23. June 2020 Off By Peter

Many people do think that the snorkel is used to get through deep water. But this is not completely true.

First born in the early 1980’s out of the need to develop something to protect 4WD engines from dust, the most common source of engine failure, Safari created the snorkel.

In addition, Safari snorkels are also a closed system and completely waterproof. The original snorkel from Land Rover, for example, is not.

Therefore the Safari Snorkel offers the ultimate protection against dusty desert journeys and deep water crossings.

Another advantage is that the air intake can be turned. This means that in heavy snowfall the air intake can be turned backwards to prevent possible blockage by snow. Rainwater that is sucked in is separated by the specially shaped air intake socket and drained through openings. This also reduces driving noise during long freeway journeys. Whereby the Safari snorkel produces hardly any wind noise anyway.

Further advantages

The complete safari snorkeling system increases the amount of air drawn in considerably, as the hose from the snorkel foot to the Discovery’s air filter also offers much more passage. This is most beneficial when combined with a K&N continuous sport air filter.
Unfortunately we can not give any exact values here. But the K&N sport air filter alone provides 40% more airflow. In combination with the Safari snorkel it will surely give you even more.
The air filter does not need to be replaced or cleaned as often in dusty areas.
Furthermore the sound of the air intake grows to a pleasant and powerful, but not obtrusive slight rumble.

Of course this original Snorkel from SAFARI is approved for the Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4! But it has to be approved by the TÜV and registered in the vehicle documents. We are happy to send you an expert opinion as PDF.     


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